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Heat pump specialists in Le Var (83)

BOJNA ET FILS: Your unique point of contact for the purchase and installation of heat pumps !

We are based at La Celle in le Var and serve throughout la Seine-sur-Mer, Toulon and the surrounding areas.

An ideal option to reduce your energy bills

The rise in the price of fossil fuels is a reality that leads to search for alternative solutions. Don’t worry, we have a solution that can help reduce your energy bills. Choose heat pump to get hot water for sanitary use and a pleasant temperature at a very advantageous price. Without any doubt, this type of device offers lower energy consumption.

Geothermal or aerothermal heat pump? We advise you on the type of device that suits your needs and budget.

« The heat pump is both economical and ecological »

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A good reputation preserved always

The professionalism of our team has been recognized in our region since 1967. We have been able to sustain and develop our business over time.

Moreover, our catchment area now extends into the Alpes-Maritimes and the Bouches-du-Rhône. We use cutting edge tools and innovative equipment during the installation of your heat pump.

This allows us to assure a well done job and to guarantee the optimum performance of your device. Trust your project to a renowned company like ours !

« We guarantee a quality installation and a more efficient device »

Our advantages :

  • Reliability
  • Family know-how
  • Reactivity
  • Partnership with reliable brands such as FUJITSU and DAIKIN
  • Personalized service
  • Support

At BOJNA ET FILS, the trip and estimates are free.

85 Traverse Château Eau 83170 LA CELLE - Tél. : 09 74 56 15 25