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Air Conditioning – Refrigeration Specialist in all applications

For all heating, air conditioning and heat pump installation services…

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Refrigeration installation in le Var (83)

For any refrigeration installation, call on the expertise of our team in La Celle.

The company, BOJNA ET FILS serves throughout le Var (La Seine-sur-Mer, Toulon), les Alpes-Maritimes, les Bouches-du-Rhône…

Versatile refrigeration technicians

Since 1967, we have specialized in industrial refrigeration. We take care of any refrigeration plant, whether it is for industrial or tertiary sector. Our refrigeration technicians offer a complete service from assembly to commissioning..

They also ensure the maintenance of your refrigeration systems. Contact us if you would like to equip your premises with a cold room, showcases, refrigerated cabinets, ice makers…Picky, we make it a point to check the conformity of all your refrigeration equipment.

« With BOJNA ET FILS, you’ll benefit from a refrigeration installation according to the norms »

Installation frigorifique  La Seine-sur-Mer
Installation frigorifique  Var

Personalized service and support

Contact our company to assist you bring you the most suitable solutions for refrigeration installation. We offer a study, a quote and personalized services.

You will be well advised on the choice of your installation and all the additional equipment. Our team has the know-how to suggest what’s best no matter what sector you are in.

All our trips and quotes are free, contact us!

« You’ll be accompanied in the choice of your refrigeration system »

Our qualities:

  • Extensive experience in refrigeration systems
  • Expertise
  • On-time service
  • Advice
  • Monitoring of standards

The professionalism of our team is recognized since 1967.

85 Traverse Château Eau 83170 LA CELLE - Tél. : 09 74 56 15 25